Reconstruction, modernization, repair of cranes

One of the activities of HEZ PTM LLC is the full range of works on repair, modernization and reconstruction of electrical equipment, mechanical components and metal structures, hoisting cranes. For the owner of lifting equipment, carrying out these works is a good alternative to buying new lifting equipment.

HEZ PTM LLC has the experience and technical ability to carry out reconstructions, such as:

change of crane span (geometric dimensions);
change of crane lifting capacity;
change of crane lifting height;
change of crane technological purpose;
change of the number of load-lifting trolleys;
change of speed and resource characteristics of the crane, operating modes;
transfer of crane mechanisms to frequency control without replacement and with replacement of electric motors;
transfer of the crane to control from the floor via a radio channel or from an overhead control panel;
installation / dismantling the control cabin;
synchronization of work all mechanisms of two adjacent cranes working together to the management from one cabine or by radio channel
Reconstruction (modernization) is carried out in several stages:

together with the customer, drawing up the full Terms of Reference for reconstruction (modernization);
implementation of the design part, which, depending on the type of reconstruction, includes a full package of electrical drawings, drawings of metal structures and mechanisms, performing strength calculations, etc. < br /> production of technical conditions for reconstruction (modernization), which undergo the necessary examinations and approvals;
if necessary, the implementation of the project of work;
depending on the type of reconstruction electrical equipment, metal structures and mechanisms according to project documentation;
installation and commissioning;
amending the crane passport or making a new passport;
preparation of all necessary documents for an extraordinary technical examination.
Of the demonstration projects, reconstruction projects were completed on electrical equipment for an overhead crane with a capacity of 600 tons, an overhead crane with a capacity of 100 tons and the addition of a second cargo trolley, two overhead cranes with a loading capacity of 250 tons.