Production of metal structures according to customer drawings

HEZ PTM LLC manufactures prefabricated and welded metal structures: from sheet and high-quality metal according to customer drawings. The manufacture of metal structures, including non-standard metal structures, is carried out on stationary stoves up to 60 meters and rotary tables. There is experience in the manufacture of integral metal structures up to 34.5 meters and sectional up to 78 meters, a control assembly of metal structures, including on a slipway, is being carried out.


Basic technological operations


Cutting of sheet metal on CNC air-plasma cutting and CNC gas cutting machines. Plasma cutting of sheet thickness up to 32 mm, gas cutting of sheet thickness up to 300 mm.
Manual and semi-automatic gas and air-plasma cutting
Cutting of metal by guillotine
Metal cutting by band saws
Bending of sheet metal

Machining of edges, chamfering
Turning workpieces with a diameter of up to 1200 mm, lengths up to 7000 mm.
Milling, machining flanges
Sandblasting and mechanical cleaning of a metal surface
Corrosion protection (primer , coloring, GF021 soil, PF115 enamel, VL02 soil, X enamel 124)

Welding in the environment of shielding gases. Semi-automatic welding in the environment of shielding gases – Manual arc welding with direct current – Repair of metal structures – Control of welded joints, visual optical inspection and ultrasonic inspection UD 2-70
Control of metal hardness TDM-2
Production of non-standard metal products, including the manufacture of tooling and prefabricated conductors.