Process Automation

Design, manufacture, installation of automated control systems that solve tasks of a high technological level using industrial Modicon controllers manufactured by Schneider Electric and Simatic controllers made by Siemens.

ETU specialists have developed and applied on cranes of their own production systems:

Anti collision system. Two-zone speed control system. The system is designed to automatically reduce the speed of the mechanisms of movement of the crane and the crane truck when approaching the deadlocks and when approaching two adjacent cranes working in the same span or crane carts working on the bridge of the crane.
The system of operation of two cranes in the “twin” mode . In this mode, all the mechanisms of two adjacent cranes operating in one span or in adjacent spans operate synchronously. The operation of the cranes is controlled from the operator’s cab of one of the cranes, or via a radio channel using the adapted RADEL-DU radio control system. This system was developed for cranes, which, according to production technology, carry out operations to move goods of long lengths along or across the span.
The system automatically limits the maximum skew of the crane metal structure. This system is designed to limit tilting loads in the metal structures of gantry cranes with a large span.