HEZ PTM LLC carries out design work during the installation of new lifting and transport equipment, as well as re-equipment of the existing production site.

Development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of crane runways for lifting mechanisms:

Ground – gantry cranes;
Overhead – bridge cranes, girder cranes, monorails.

Development of foundations for the installation of jib cranes.
Examination of existing building structures to make a decision on the possibility and methods of constructing a crane runway. Drawing up an opinion on the possibility of installing new crane equipment on existing crane runways.
A complete set of project documentation:

  1. A technical report on the results of a survey of building structures signed by an expert from the Ministry of Regional Development.
  2. The approved part of the project is an explanatory note with the calculation of the class of responsibility.
  3. Working documentation. Drawings of KM, KZh, AB, EO brands (agreed with the Customer).
  4. Estimated documentation.
  5. Development of a project for the production of works for the installation of building structures, equipment. Performing work to determine the planned height position of the crane runways (leveling), determine the deflection of the crane bridge. Work with budgetary organizations, support during the examination of the estimate documentation of the project.