Design and produce of control systems for electric drives

Design, manufacture, installation of control systems for electric drives of crane, machine-tool, conveyor and other mechanisms. Electric ventilation and air conditioning. Depending on the task and customer requirements, control systems are manufactured:

1. using a frequency-controlled electric drive based on frequency converters manufactured by Schneider Electric, Siemens, Control Techniques, Vacon, SWF, Danffos and other world manufacturers;

2. using a throttle adjustable and unregulated electric drive;

3. using starting resistors in the phase rotor circuit.

Features of our control systems. Thanks to many years of experience, we have developed optimal circuit and design solutions for crane electric drive systems. Several stages of control and final testing of the equipment exclude the possibility of delivering low-quality products to the consumer.

The electrical equipment of the control systems, assembled mainly on the Schneider Electric component base, is located in cabinets having a durable powder coating by Dupont, with a degree of protection of the enclosure from penetration not lower than IP54. We have experience in manufacturing crane electrical equipment in marine, tropical and explosion-proof versions. For the calculation and selection of electrical devices, specially designed programs are used that exclude the possibility of a developer error.

ETU specialists have designed, installed and commissioned more than five hundred control systems of varying degrees of complexity, from simple crane beam control schemes to intelligent systems controlled by an industrial controller.

Production of control systems is performed according to TU U 31.2-32868567-07: 2006, and TU U 31.2-32868567-006: 2006.