Console turning cranes

HEZ PTM LLC serially produces two types of console turning cranes:

1. Cantilever-rotary cranes with manual rotation, angle of rotation up to 270 °

Crane capacity, t 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 1,5
Lifting height, m 4,5 2,0 4,5 4 2,5 3
Crane jib length, m 5 2,5 4,0 5 4,5 5

2. Cantilever-rotary crane with electric rotation, rotation angle up to 360 °

Crane capacity, t 3,2 3,2 5 1
Lifting height, m 3,1 6 6 8
Crane jib length, m 5 6 6 6

Console turning cranes is used to service limited areas, including adjacent to the walls of buildings or other structures, as well as for the transfer of goods from one span of the building to another. The cantilever crane is installed both in open areas with an air temperature of ± 40 ° C and in production buildings and is used for loading and unloading operations within the service area, which is formed by the minimum and maximum outreach of the hook on the console with the angle of rotation of the boom.
Metalwork of crane is welded from 09G2S-12 steel. Consists of a column, an arrow, a hoisting mechanism, a break-in unit, and a boom rotation drive.
The column is welded from a sheet or made of a pipe. The column design includes:
– base plate with holes for mounting the crane;
– flange;
– the axis of rotation of the jib;
– the gear ring of the boom rotation drive;
– stops restricting the rotation of the crane boom.
The boom is welded from sheet and shaped metal. The boom design includes:
– bearing assembly for connecting the boom with the column and the possibility of rotation of the boom relative to the column;
– boom swing drive based on a German-made geared motor with integrated electromagnetic disc brake;
– current lead to the hoist;
– stops for hoists.

The load-lifting mechanism is a mobile hoist made in Bulgaria. Technical characteristics of the hoist are indicated in the dimensional drawing for the crane and the hoist passport. The run-in unit is welded from sheet metal, has 2-run-in rollers.

Cantilever-rotary crane KPS 5-10

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