Cantilever-rotary crane KPS 5-10

The KPS 5-10 crane is designed and manufactured by tLLC “KHEZ PTM” for replacing cranes of the types: KP-2, KPB-3, KPB-3M, KPB-5, 12KP-3U operated by enterprises in the oil and gas sector, taking into account the solution of the following urgent tasks:
1) the ability to install and operate the crane on any unequipped site, without the need to use a metal base for drilling rigs, or to equip a separate stationary foundation;
2) is possible awn quick and easy, multiple crane relocation from site to site.

In the basic version, the crane has the following characteristics: lifting capacity 5 tons., lifting height 8.3 meters, working reach of the console 10 meters. The crane consists of the following mounting units: a crane column with a rotary device, a ladder and a platform, a crane arrow with a hoist and a current lead, a counterweight arrow, a crane support with linings, braces and weighting materials.
It is transported on three semi-trailers, mounted without welding, on any flat site with a slope of not more than 0.01 with a bearing capacity of 0.6 kg / cm2. Dismantling the crane is carried out without violating the integrity of the elements of the crane.

Possible versions of the crane allow you to: increase the crane’s lifting capacity to 10 tons while maintaining the load moment, increase the lifting height to 15 meters, increase the working reach of the jib for 3 tons to 12 meters and 2 tons to 15 meters. It is also possible to design a crane: a cantilever-mounted rotary crane and a wall-mounted cantilever crane, a cantilever-mounted crane on a movable self-propelled rail trolley, a cantilever-mounted crane on a towed platform.

During the manufacturing process of the crane, before its painting, the crane is assembled and all crane mechanisms are adjusted, complete electrical installation and commissioning are carried out, cargo tests are carried out with all mechanisms checked. Subsequent dismantling, is carried out only through the connection of bolted joints, without the use of metal cutting. Also, at the request of the buyer for an additional fee, the company can be carried out within four days, before the crane is shipped, its demonstration assembly, with the training of the buyer’s specialists, demonstration tests, disassembly of packaging and loading on vehicles. When shipped with a set of concrete blocks FBS-6-6 10 pcs., – three standard tilt eurotrucks or open semi-trailers are required, and two without concrete blocks.

General view of the crane