Cargo carts

LLC “HEZ PTM” produces freight carts of double-girder bridge and gantry cranes in two versions.
1. Cargo cart for light-medium duty cranes can be made on the basis of a stationary hoist rigidly mounted on the frame. Such crane cart can be used on cranes working periodically, not intensively
2. Cargo trolleys for cranes working in technology, where the working load-gripping mechanism is a magnet, grab, traverse. From the point of view of reliability, durability and maintainability, it is advisable to use the classic detailed scheme of the trolley layout.
Under the classic layout of a cargo crane cart is understood: cargo drum => reducer => brake => engine. LLC “HEZ PTM” produces crane cart single, double-lifting, special. The number of crane carts is determined by the needs of the customer.